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How long is your program?

You will stop smoking in a one session appointment that will last 2-3 hour.

Is there a gaurantee?

Our program has a lifetime guarantee, rather than a money back guarantee. That means if you should have a relapse at anytime, you can come back for free. At any time in your life you may return at no cost if you are struggling with urges, cravings, or relapse.

What is the cost of your program?

The total cost of this program is $695 total. A $300 deposit is accepted at the time you make your appointment, with the balance of $395 due at the time of service. Other hypnotists may charge less, but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. Traditional hypnosis is only 30% effective¬† and there is no gaurantee. Our process is 95% effect as documented by Oxford Research University. The typical smoker consuming one pack a day will spend $1,600 per year. A two pack a day smoker spends $3,200 per year. Your treatment will more than pay for itself in a period of just a few months!

Why Should I use this method to stop smoking?

Pills and Patches have only a 10-14% sucess rate. Medical interventions such as Chantix don’t fare much better, and have serious side effects. Traditional¬† hypnosis has only a 30% success rate. This method is proven and has a documented success rate of 95%.

Why Should I Quit?

Most smokers know why they need to quit, but here are some links that really make the point in a very strong way. Please view the links, it may save your life!

What happens when you stop smoking?

Joni Johnston Neidigh

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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