Overcoming The Fear Of Flying

Overcoming The Fear Of Flying

The fear of flying

The fear of flying is relatively common problem many people experience. Surveys indicate that 25% of us dread flying, while approximately one of every 10 people have a fear of flying that is so severe it prevents them from being able to consider air travel. This restricts their lifestyle and opportunities. Their fear of flying can cause a serious crisis in the case of family emergencies or  travel requirements for work. Even worse, they may have medical problems which require travel. All of these problems can be avoided by simply overcoming the fear of flying.

It is commonly believed that people who are afraid of flying focus on thoughts that the plane is going to crash or they are going to die. However, for many people it is the whole experience of flying which is upsetting to them. This may include being in a crowded airport or being in a cramped space during flight. Many people dread being stuck on the plane for long periods of time or  being stranded by flight cancellations or delays. Whatever the cause, for many people the fear of flying is a serious problem in their lives. For more information about the general topic “overcoming the fear of flying” visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear_of_flying

How to Overcome the Fear of Flying

There are many methods that people use in an attempt to overcome their fear of flying. One of the most popular approaches is a psycho-educational approach. The treatment consists of providing information and statistics which are believed to help people overcome their fears as a result of having factual information. There are numerous sources which offer information and advice on how to overcome the fear of flying. However, despite knowing this information many people continue to struggle with their fear. Check it out and see if it is successful in overcoming the fear of flying.




The problem with this approach is that it assumes that the fear of flying is an irrational fear. So they believe providing information will create a change in the way you feel about flying. But the fear of flying is not  based on logic and reasoning. For example, after the terrorist attacks in September of 2011, more americans chose to travel by car instead of flying. The extra traffic caused around 350 more people to die in traffic accidents than would be expected. That information became widely know, but did not help people become less fearful about air travel.

A substantial number of people seek medical assistance. They have their doctor prescribe them anti-anxiety medications. While these medications may sedate the traveler, they do not resolve the fear. As a result, the traveler is stuck using addictive anti-anxiety medications which sedates them and alters their state of consciousness every time they want to fly. They often find themselves feeling groggy and unable to enjoy themselves for a period of time after the flight.

Counseling or psychotherapy has also been proposed as an effective treatment for the fear of flying. Proponents claim that they help 60 to 80% of the people they see for this problem. Depending on the therapy and therapist you select, this could be a long drawn out process without a guarantee of success. Furthermore, this type of treatment is expensive. While Cognitive/behavioral therapy can effectively treat this fear, it is an expensive and lengthy process.

What you should be looking  for is an easy effective treatment at a reasonable cost. A process which addresses the irrational fear and helps you resolve it without being sedated or requiring extensive therapy for weeks or years.

Hypnosis for the fear of flying

Hypnosis is a quick and effective treatment for the fear of flying. This approach recognizes that rational factual information does not reduce the fear and distress that people who are afraid of flying  experience. I am sure that you’ve heard that flying is the safest way to travel. However, you still find yourself feeling afraid. This is because fear is a strong emotional response which is not generated by the part of the brain that engages in rational thought. Your mind has a programmed habitual response to the thought of flying which causes this fear. Hypnosis is a way to bypass the rational conscious mind and help you eliminate that habitual response. With hypnosis you can be free of the fear of flying without being drugged or undergoing long and expensive counseling. It is an easy effective way of dealing with this problem.

You might be thinking, “so why doesn’t everyone use hypnosis to overcome their fear of flying”. This is because most people don’t what hypnosis is and how it can be helpful. Understanding what hypnosis really is will help you understand the value of this treatment for overcoming the fear of flying. You can learn about this issue by visiting http://jonineidighhypnosis.com/what-is-hypnosis/ or by viewing the following video https://youtu.be/pInGSKPrYQc  . 

You may also question  whether hypnosis is truly effective for eliminating the fear of flying. Professional hypnosis has been demonstrated to be effective for a number of problems including weight loss, smoking cessation, and eliminating fears and phobias. These links  may be helpful as they let you hear what other people have to say. Please read http://theelleroseedit.com/can-hypnotherapy-cure-fear-flying/or watch https://youtu.be/ZNrVnTulvvs 

If you are interested in quickly and easily eliminating your fear of  flying so that you can have the freedom to enjoy your life to the fullest, please contact us at: http://jonineidighhypnosis.com/hypnosis-for-the-fear-of-flying/  

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